Heaton Moor Producer’s Market Nov 4th

We may be toiling under arctic blasts of cold air, but we have the conviviality and warmth of the next market to warm you up! (A bit of seasonal sentimentality creeping in there, Christmas is approaching after all…) So, as you kick through the autumn leaves (delicately avoiding the hidden dog dirt) and smile at your fellow Heatonians on your way to Shaw rd, the gazebos will be up, the thermals will be on and this band of elves shall be awaiting!


The Spice Yard – spice rubs for fish and meats, extremely versatile and tasty

Green Farm Olives – make the most of Paad this month, stock up on olives and feta, he will be away for the next one (I know, utterly outrageous!)

The Cheshire Bakehouse – savoury pastries with a twist and a backing track for all tastes whilst you buy:)

Artisam – last month there was a fryer catastrophe and there were no fries cooked in truffle oil. This month, fingers crossed we are good to go!

Fozzbees – local honey and wax products all produced by Chris. Well, technically by Chris’s bees, but you know what I mean..

Nonna Teresa – Lucio was not here last month, which made it a sad month for ravioli enthusiasts, but not to worry, the world is back on its axis, he’s here this month!

Bit of a Fudge – sweet temptation in a box, in amazing flavours

All About Pies – Fidget, Homity and lots of others. They sound like the 7 dwarves, taste brilliant!

Alam’s – on a cold day, what is nicer than a curry bun, a spicy chicken wrap or a freshly cooked samosa – yum:)

Greek Oil Direct – I’m not sure where these olives went wrong in their life plan, but they went from a sun soaked greek hillside to gracing my salad in Heaton Moor and I am so very grateful

Marmalady – Christmas has definitely arrived in Lyn’s kitchen and so has autumn – remember parkin, ginger cake….?

Mafeking Biltong – dried sausages, jerky and biltong. All handmade and hand prepared, quite the skill

The Deli on the Market – perennial favourite of all things deli, wide range of home made goodies

The Coffee Bean Dream – B’Spoke coffee is off B’spoking at a family gathering but we have the very capable Sarah looking after us – barista coffee to keep us warm and toasty

Saddleworth Tea – tucked away in the same spot each month, Angela keeps us stocked up with hand picked and bagged loose tea of every aroma and flavour – check her stall out

Nana Carter – jams, chutneys, curds, piccalilli all from recipes Sharon has been given by her grandmother and her range is always changing, always seasonal and always gorgeous

Say When – personal choice wines and beers, chat to our resident sommeliers!

The Brownie Owl – did you see the Bonfire Brownies last month, well maybe not, they did sell out quickly! An absolute favourite stall in our market

Haycroft Meadow – another favourite, Ray keeps making more sausages and burgers and they keep selling out! Order your Pigs in Blankets to collect next month.

FatJax – chutneys and sauces laid out in a very orderly fashion, inviting us to try them all. I guarantee you will have a fave:)

Cocoanut Grove – perfect season for a chocolatier, none of that sunshine business melting all the products. Jayne is a happy camper when its a bit chilly – plus chilli in her chocolate (I think I need a lie down, I’m morphing into Dad jokes..)

Sticky Toffee Jo – Jo had the audacity to be ill last month, not this month! This month she will be here in full force wielding her teaspoon of sticky delights

Cheese is Grate – cheese is fabulous on cold nights, that savoury hit with a touch of ginger or cranberries coming in behind. Full range of truckle cheeses available.

I Knead Pizza – hotfood this month is round in shape, red in colour and covered in cheese. You may have heard of it before – pizza, a fine Italian invention if ever there was

Webb’s Beef – freshly butchered chicken, bacon, burgers – come quickly, they sell out!

Hayley’s Cakesquite literally freshly baked, buttercream applied just before arrival – a range of cakes including Autumn / bonfire favourites

The French Corner – fresh baked bread and pastries


Art & Craft

Catfish Kids – children’s toys are back, Christmas ideas and stocking fillers!

Only 3 Colours – fresh from their stall ‘The Glass Umbrella’ in Stockport market, original artwork and Christmas decorations, all handmade

Kate O’Brien – also fresh from The Glass Umbrella. Watercolour originals and prints of local architecture and places

Yanthia Art – facepainting by Noellia, choose your design and see it come to fruition on your cheek! Also hand made bunting, available to order – look up and you will see her bunting all over the gazebos:)

Glynn Rowan Scott – artist using recycled glass to create objets d’art. Creative, beautiful and interesting pieces

What Katy Did – hand picked and personally designed silver jewellery beautifully presented. Will make gorgeous gifts.

Scents and Solace – soy candles and room diffusers. Packaged to make a beautiful gift.

Kitsch Republic – hand made coasters, chopping boards, light shades – amazing and quirky designs

Celia Hume Illustrations – artist Celia with her range of bags, mugs & cards. But never forgetting her beautiful prints and original artworks

H & C Horticulture – plants, hanging baskets, shrubs – all seasonal and a wealth of knowledge behind every sale, taking Christmas tree bookings

Heathers Cards – Flamingo Paperie is in full Christmas regalia, get your Advent Calendars here!



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