It is approaching the weekend and the weekend has the 1st Sunday in the month in it, so it must be market day in Heaton Moor! All the producers are busy sorting, chopping, boiling, bending metal, running up seams and whatever else they need to do to make our market the lively, diverse market that it is. We are looking forward to seeing you all 11-3pm this Sunday.


Harvie & Polar – protein packed energy balls

Raaman Fine Chocolates – hand made boxed chocolates of your choice

Artisam – hand made, beautifully flavoured fresh ice cream (including dairy free)

Kauri Fine Foods – rich, depth of flavours New Zealand inspired cooking

Nana Carter – chutneys and jams inspired by generational family recipes

William’s Butter – hand made, churned fresh butter

Nonna Teresa – fresh Italian pasta and sauces

Green Farm Olives – lots of varied olives, creamy feta, baklava

All About Pies – fidget, homity, mushroom stroganoff, steak & ale & more

Cheese is Grate – waxed, wrapped creamy cheeses

Jo’s Sticky Toffee Pudding – exactly what it says on the tin!

Webb’s Beef – straight from the farm, fresh meat and joints 

Fruits of the Forage – hedgerow, heritage foraged foods

Fatjax Chutneys – all your favourites lined up and waiting

Alam’s – wraps, samosas, pakoras all available and bookings taken for cooking classes

Saddleworth Tea – all your favourite loose teas

Heart & Graft Roastery – self sourced local roasters

Bespoke Coffee – moving along from the station to the market, hot drinks to order

Country Fayre – fresh savoury pastries and pies

Hayley’s Cakes – home made layer cakes and bakes

Marmalady – home made marmalade, jam, curd and fresh baking

The French Corner – vienoisseries and fresh breads

Mafeking Biltong – home dried meats and saucissons

Signature Scones – scones of every flavour and hue

Haycroft Meadow – hand made sausages, burgers and joints


Art & Craft

Catfish Kids – well loved toyshop sets up shop in Heaton Moor

Ben Sedman – original artwork and prints

Kitsch Republic – hand made & designed interior decorations

Only 3 Colours – original artworks from £.3.50 – £120 Commissions taken

Scents & Solace – knowledgeable, experienced candle maker

Kate O’Brien – local subjects painted in Kate’s inimicable style

The Little Snood Co – hand made snoods for the small people in your life

Abi & Claire – designer and creator of children’s t-shirts, owls, bunting, aprons & bags

Sarah Brelsford – beautiful, delicate recycled jewellery & glass

Heather’s Cards – stationery & cards for all your occasions

Yanthia Art – face painting and balloons








This Sunday 11-3pm Heaton Moor Market takes over Shaw rd and the Kushoom Koly carpark (with thanks as always to the Kush for letting us use their carpark)

The market is full as ever this month and we have Colette Todd singing too! The weather forecast doesn’t have wind or rain featuring as I write this – so fingers crossed it stays that way.

St Paul’s, just 2 minutes away is not having a service this Sunday, instead they are opening the doors for anyone to drop in. So, if you would like to admire a beautiful Heatons building or take some time out from your busy lives, you are warmly welcomed.


The Little Snood Co – designed by Teyah, children’s snoods

Stacy’s Boutique – hand made children’s dresses, cards and bespoke jewellery

Yanthia Art – beautiful face painting and balloons

Abi & Claire – sewing machine to the ready, handmade children’s clothes, aprons & bags

Jewellsy – quirky resin jewellery hand made by Mel

Ben Sedman – original artwork and prints

Scents and Solace – hand made beautifully perfumed candles and diffusers

Y Photography – stunning photographs for your wall or to send as a card

Kitsch Republic – trendy hand made coasters, lampshades, chopping boards, mugs

Only 3 Colours – original artwork using only 3 colours from £12.50- £120

Catfish Kids – our toyshop in the market plus Hatley & Maxomorra childrens clothes

Heather Loves Stationery – if you love cards and stationery, you’ll like this one



Jay’s Crepes – sweet pancakes fresh off the griddle

Bubbly Wine – explore new wines and find out about Alison’s wine tasting events

Haycroft Meadow – ever popular hand made burgers, sausages and prepared joints

Heart & Graft – home roasted coffee beans, ground on site just as you like it

Mafeking Biltong – dried biltong and sumptuous saucissons

French Corner – fresh bakery bread and pastries

All About Pies – fidget pies, mint and lamb, homity, steak & ale – very popular

The Brownie Owl – if you have never tasted a Brownie Owl brownie…..

Marmalady – fresh bakes and home made preserves

Greek Oil Direct – olive oil & hand made infused oils

Hayley’s cakes – large cakes by the slice

Country Fayre – savoury pies and pastries with a twist

Saddleworth Tea – tea galore and accoutrements

Alam’s – south Asian cooking at its best

Fatjax – personally designed and produced chutneys and sauces

Fruits of the Forage – wild preserves made with local heritage fruits & foraged plants

Webb’s Beef – home provenanced meats

Jo’s Cheshire Kitchen – classic and gluten free sticky toffee pudding

Cheese is Grate – truckle and waxed cheeses hand picked by John

Green Farm Olives – olives, creamy feta, dolma plus baklava for dessert

Nonna Teresa – home made pasta and pasta sauces

William’s Butter – hand made salted and unsalted butter

Bit of a Fudge – home made fudges

Ollie’s Orchard – apple juices and cider from Ollie’s Cheshire orchard

Nana Carter – chutneys & jams inspired by generational family recipes

Artisam – hand made and created fresh ice cream



This month we have our great trader line up as ever, all standing ready by their gazebos! Plus we are welcoming Levy Uke Up this month, they are planning to be with us between 1-1.30, should be good!


Haycroft Meadow – very popular hand produced sausages, burgers and joints

Mum’s Macaroons – light, delicate sweetness

Heart & Graft – local coffee roasters

Signature Scones –  think of a scone, any flavour, it will be here

Mafeking Biltong – hand produced, dried meats

The French Corner – fresh bakery bread and pastries

All About Pies – early birds get their pies, they sell out quickly

The Brownie Owl – award winning yummy brownies

The Marmalady – fresh home bakes and preserves

Hayley’s Cakes – rich, decadent layer cakes by the slice

Country Fayre – a range of middle eastern snacks

Saddleworth Tea – loose leaf tea of many varieties

Nyama Choma – succulent grilled meats for lunch

Cocoanut Grove – hand made chocolate inc my fave – butterscotch and sea salt…

Alam’s – family recipes of southern India

Fatjax – hand made chutneys and sauces of many flavours

Webb’s Beef – local farm raised cuts of meat

Jo’s Sticky Toffee Pudding – rich, dark, meltingly gooey…

Cheese is Grate – personally sourced cheeses

Green Farm Olives – olives, beautiful creamy feta, baklava…

Nonna Teresa – hand made fresh ravioli and sauces

Kauri Fine Foods – very popular bakes and soups

William’s Butter – hand made fresh butter

A Bit of a Fudge – hand made perfect squares of fudge

Fruits of the Forage – fresh seasonal produce from the hedgerows

Nana Carter – family recipes of chutney, jams and piccalilli

Artisam – hand made ice cream and sorbets served from his beautiful bike



Yanthia Art – face painting and balloons

Sarah Brelsford Designs – very popular recycled tins into jewellery plus stained glass

Abi & Claire  children’s personalised t-shirts, bunting, bags, aprons…

Jewellsy – hand designed and made jewellery pieces

Ben Sedman – prints and originals including very popular Manchester Bee design

Scents and Solace – beautifully fragranced hand made candles

Only 3 Colours – amazing art using only three colours

Fuzzy Duck Books – Usborne books and it is sale time!

Kitsch Republic – hand made and designed mugs, coasters, lampshades.

Catfish Kids – toys, baby & children’s clothing

Kate O’Brien – mixed media, vibrant art works

Little Snood Company – hand made, original snoods for children



This month some of our regular traders have the audacity of being away on holiday! That gives the market the opportunity to welcome some new artisans to the hallowed ground of Shaw rd and the Kushoom Koly carpark. Plus we will be joined by the lovely Colette Lewis-Todd singing between 12 and 2pm. The Heatons Art Trail is happening at the same time and for information and a sneak preview they are joining us too on the Kush carpark.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


Jay’s Crepes – Sugar & lemon, nutella…mmm

Bubbly Wine Co – come & try new wines and sample some prosecco

Haycroft Meadow – handmade sausages, hand prepared burgers & joints

Mum’s Macaroons – a visual and tastebud delight

Heart & Graft – regulars queue up every month for their coffee fix

Mafeking Biltong – locally dried and prepared biltong & dried sausage

The French Corner – fresh baked breads and viennoiseries

All About Pies – get your Fidgit pies here, but come early!

The Marmalady – home bakes and hand made preserves & jams

Artisam- artisan, hand made ice cream

Hayley’s Cakes – home baked layer cakes

Country Fayre – wide range of pastries and dips

Saddleworth Tea – loose leaf tea of many varieties

Cocoanut Grove – welcome back to our globetrotting chocolatier

Alam’s – pakoras, wraps, bhaji’s and samosas all hand made by Adil

FatJax – hand made chutneys in amazing flavours

Webbs Beef – locally provenanced meat

Jo’s Cheshire Kitchen – sticky toffee puddings inc gluten free

Cheese is Grate – truckle and open cheeses

Green Farm Olives – creamy fresh feta, fat olives, syrupy baklava…

Nonna Teresa – authentic hand made, fresh raviolis & sauces

William’s Butter – hand made unsalted and salted butters

Ollie’s Orchard – cider this month, plus fresh apple juices

Fruits of the Forage – seasonal, hedgerow produce

Nana Carter – chutneys & jams inspired by generational family recipes

The Brownie Owl – gorgeous brownies and traybakes

Harvie & Polar – hand made protein energy balls



Yanthia Art – balloons and face painting

Jewellsy – quirky hand made jewellery and resin products

Scents & Solace – hand made candles in lovely gift boxes

Queen B – customised letters and home accessories

Little Snood Company – hand made children’s snoods

Berlin Bespoke – creative, original artwork

Heather’s Cards – Phoenix Trading cards & wrap

Only 3 Colours – vibrant art to hang in your home

Fuzzy Duck Books – Usborne books

Kitsch Republic – hand designed and made lampshades, coasters, boards..

Catfish Kids – toyshop of the market

Ben Sedman – bee prints and original art

Cookie Lab Dog Treats – treats for your faithful friends

Abi & Claire – personalised children’s clothes to buy & order






Heaton Moor Market June 4th

Phew what a scorcher has been heard from our lips this month, not sure it’s going to be quite that good on Sunday, but we have a good track record….

We are being joined from 11.30am by SoundingOut Heatons Choir. They are a new choir formed in the Heatons and they meet at the Golf Club to practice, for more info http://www.soundingoutuk.com

Looking forward to it!


Fruits of the Forage – fresh ice cream made from the hedgerows

Jay’s Crepes – sweet crepes freshly made on site

Cookie Lab Dog Treats – hand made goodies for your dog

Bubbly Wine Co – come and try new wines, explore new tastes

Haycroft Meadow – hand prepared burgers, sausages, joints

Mum’s Macaroons – a pastel delight of sweetness

Heart and Graft – local roasters with their aromatic coffees

Mafeking Biltong –  locally dried and prepared Biltong and dried sausage

The French Corner – freshly baked breads

All About Pies – hand raised pies in a wide range of flavours

The Brownie Owl – fresh, home made brownies

Marmalady – home bakes and hand made preserves and jams

Country Fayre – wide range of lunchables, pastries and hummus

Hayley’s Cakes – home baked layer cakes

Saddleworth Tea – loose leaf tea of every variety

Alam’s – pakoras, wraps, bhaji’s, samosas all hand made and prepared

FatJax – hand made chutneys in many flavour combinations

Webb’s Beef – locally reared and prepared meats

Jo’s Cheshire Kitchen – sticky toffee puddings inc, gluten free

Cheese is Grate – truckle and open cheeses

Green Farm Olives – wide variety of olives plus fresh feta and baklava

Nonna Teresa – hand made ravioli and sauces

Kauri Fine Foods – fresh savoury and sweet bakes from Shelley’s kitchen

Bit of a Fudge – hand made fudge of many flavours

Ollie’s Orchard – grown, picked, pressed apples, ready to drink

William’s Butter – hand churned, freshly made salted & unsalted butter



Gimme That Thing – silver wire jewellery and hand made jewellery

Demitra’s Designs – original artwork

Stacy’s – hand sewn girls dresses, button pictures and jewellery

The Crafty Chap – hand crafted wooden trinket boxes, boards, clocks and more

Abi and Claire – hand made t-shirts, tote bags, bunting and aprons

Jewellsy – resin and bead jewellery, all hand made

Scent and Solace – hand made candles and room diffusers

CDM-UK – a co-operative producing hand designed and produced textiles

YPhotography – beautifully imaged and defined photographs

Fuzzy Duck Books – Usborne Children’s Books

3 Colours – original, abstract artworks

Kitsch Republic – hand designed and fired mugs, hand made lampshades & coasters

Catfish Kids – toy shop on the market

Ben Sedman – original prints framed and unframed

Heather’s Cards – Phoenix Trading greetings cards and stationery



Heaton Moor Market May 7th

The sun is shining, I have ordered a beautiful day for the market on Sunday 11-3pm, so be confident it will stay like this until then….:)

This month we have Tusk joining us on the market plus Ollie’s Orchard for fresh pressed juices, hand made butter (how do you even do that?) and all your favourites – I can already smell the fresh bread and coffee.


A Bit of a Fudge – home made fudge in beautiful flavours

The Bubbly Wine Co – our resident wine experts on hand

Haycroft Meadow – handmade burgers & sausages, new flavour developments monthly

Mum’s Macaroons – the most beautiful pastel coloured mouthfuls of deliciousness

Heart and Graft – local roasters Sean and James with their chosen coffees

Signature Scones – lots of different flavoured scones, dietary requirement scones available to order, contact directly before the market or via the market website

Mafeking Biltong – Get the braai out, South Africa meets Heaton Moor

The French Corner – come early, the bread and pastries are very popular

All About Pies – come early, hand raised pies vanish before our eyes

The Brownie Owl – Let me count the ways…..gorgeous brownies and traybakes

The Marmalady – home cooked cakes, tarts, jams, chutneys and preserves

Hayley’s Cakes – Layer cakes sold by the slice, very yummy

Country Fayre – Middle Eastern influenced pastries, hummus, dips and pies

Saddleworth Tea – Tea to drink there and then, tea to take home and savour

Nana Carter – Chutneys and jams inspired by generational family recipes

Alam’s – Samosas, wraps, bhaji’s, lime pickles – hot or cold

Fatjax – Collect a tortilla chip and work the chutney table, find your favourite

Webb’s Beef – For provenance and welfare of the meat you eat, you need Webb’s meat

Jo’s Cheshire Kitchen – Sticky Toffee Puddings to suit all dietary desires, except perhaps weight loss ones…

Cheese is Grate – You’ll find John by the bread stall – match made in heaven

Green Farm Olives – Huge tubs of fat olives, fresh feta, rich baklava and more

Nonna Teresa – Hand made filled raviolis and pasta sauces

Kauri Fine Foods – Sweet and savoury New Zealand inspired cooking at its best

Ollie’s Orchard – Fresh pressed apple juices, even the aroma of the stall is enticing

Tusk – A very warm welcome to Tusk joining us on the outside this month serving hot, freshly cooked food straight from the kitchen

Williams Butter – Hand made and churned local butter


3 Colours – Vibrant local artists who love colour 

Catfish Kids – Local toy shop transplanted to Heaton Moor Market

CDM – UK – Charity fashion co-operative designing and producing varying textiles

Kitsch Republic – Hand fired and designed Heatons mugs, hand made lampshades, coasters, all to the highest standard

Fuzzy Duck Books – Usborne Books Special Offer this month 25% off selected books

Gifts & More at 484 – Fresh flowers, plants and gifts from 484 Manchester rd

Keith Nuttall – High quality photographs, prints and cards

Yanthia Art – Face painting and balloons, you know you want to:)

Phoenix Cards – Great quality and wide choice of eco friendly stationery and cards

Abi and Claire – Beautiful textiles made into bags and bunting plus hand designed and sewn children’s clothes 

Scents and Solace – Breathe in the fragrance of a hand made candle of your choice

Jewellsy – Fun, quirky and imaginative jewellery all made by Mel

Ben Sedman Art – Framed and unframed originals and prints

Stacy’s – Button Art, hand made cards and jewellery


Heaton Moor Market April 2nd

As I type it is a glorious day and I have everything crossed for the same on Sunday April 2nd….the forecast is quietly optimistic. After last months downpour it would be nice not to have wet feet by the end of the market. All our Traders are lined up for a good day, so come down and join us!


The Bubbly Wine Company – specially selected wines and expert advice

Haycroft Meadow – hand crafted sausages and burgers

Mum’s Macaroons – as I type this on Mother’s Day, it feels very apt 

Heart and Graft – local roasters bring their coffee to us

Signature Scones – scones in multiple flavours

Mafeking Biltong – South African spiced, dried beef

The French Corner – fresh bread and pastries

La Cantina – British food with a Mediterranean twist

All About Pies – many flavoured hand raised pies 

The Brownie Owl – brownies and tray bakes, yum!

The Marmalady – home made preserves, chutneys and baking

Hayley’s Cakes – fresh home made cakes

Country Fayre – middle eastern inspired hummus, pies and bakes

Saddleworth Tea – specialist teas to buy or drink at the market

Alam’s – South Indian pakoras, bhaji’s and wraps

FatJax – a range of hand made chutneys

Webb’s Beef – hand reared meat and poultry

Jo’s Cheshire Kitchen – hand made Sticky Toffee Pudding, GF available too

Cheese is Grate – a range of tasty cheeses

Green Farm Olives – feta, olives, dolmades, baklava

Nonna Teresa – hand made Italian ravioli, pasta and pasta sauces

Kauri Fine Foods – Award winning New Zealand inspired food

Nana Carter – Grannie’s chutneys and jams


Three Colours – original artwork

Stacy’s Jewellery – jewellery and button art

Catfish Kids – toyshop under a gazebo

CDM -UK – charitable textile venture

Vintage on the Moor – Sharda’s vintage collection

Kitsch Republic- coasters, lampshades, all sorts

Sarah Brelsford – recycled hand made jewellery

Fuzzy Duck Books – Usborne Children’s Books

Gifts and More at 484 – gift ideas and flowers

Keith Nuttall – local photographic scenes

Yanthia – facepainting and balloons

Heather’s Cards – Phoenix cards and giftwrap

Abi and Claire – hand designed children’s clothes and textiles

Scents and Solace – hand created perfumed candles

Jewellsy -bead and resin handmade jewelery

Ben Sedman – original artworks

Ann’s Flowers – fresh and potted flowers