Heaton Moor Producer’s Market Nov 4th

We may be toiling under arctic blasts of cold air, but we have the conviviality and warmth of the next market to warm you up! (A bit of seasonal sentimentality creeping in there, Christmas is approaching after all…) So, as you kick through the autumn leaves (delicately avoiding the hidden dog dirt) and smile at your fellow Heatonians on your way to Shaw rd, the gazebos will be up, the thermals will be on and this band of elves shall be awaiting!


The Spice Yard – spice rubs for fish and meats, extremely versatile and tasty

Green Farm Olives – make the most of Paad this month, stock up on olives and feta, he will be away for the next one (I know, utterly outrageous!)

The Cheshire Bakehouse – savoury pastries with a twist and a backing track for all tastes whilst you buy:)

Artisam – last month there was a fryer catastrophe and there were no fries cooked in truffle oil. This month, fingers crossed we are good to go!

Fozzbees – local honey and wax products all produced by Chris. Well, technically by Chris’s bees, but you know what I mean..

Nonna Teresa – Lucio was not here last month, which made it a sad month for ravioli enthusiasts, but not to worry, the world is back on its axis, he’s here this month!

Bit of a Fudge – sweet temptation in a box, in amazing flavours

All About Pies – Fidget, Homity and lots of others. They sound like the 7 dwarves, taste brilliant!

Alam’s – on a cold day, what is nicer than a curry bun, a spicy chicken wrap or a freshly cooked samosa – yum:)

Greek Oil Direct – I’m not sure where these olives went wrong in their life plan, but they went from a sun soaked greek hillside to gracing my salad in Heaton Moor and I am so very grateful

Marmalady – Christmas has definitely arrived in Lyn’s kitchen and so has autumn – remember parkin, ginger cake….?

Mafeking Biltong – dried sausages, jerky and biltong. All handmade and hand prepared, quite the skill

The Deli on the Market – perennial favourite of all things deli, wide range of home made goodies

The Coffee Bean Dream – B’Spoke coffee is off B’spoking at a family gathering but we have the very capable Sarah looking after us – barista coffee to keep us warm and toasty

Saddleworth Tea – tucked away in the same spot each month, Angela keeps us stocked up with hand picked and bagged loose tea of every aroma and flavour – check her stall out

Nana Carter – jams, chutneys, curds, piccalilli all from recipes Sharon has been given by her grandmother and her range is always changing, always seasonal and always gorgeous

Say When – personal choice wines and beers, chat to our resident sommeliers!

The Brownie Owl – did you see the Bonfire Brownies last month, well maybe not, they did sell out quickly! An absolute favourite stall in our market

Haycroft Meadow – another favourite, Ray keeps making more sausages and burgers and they keep selling out! Order your Pigs in Blankets to collect next month.

FatJax – chutneys and sauces laid out in a very orderly fashion, inviting us to try them all. I guarantee you will have a fave:)

Cocoanut Grove – perfect season for a chocolatier, none of that sunshine business melting all the products. Jayne is a happy camper when its a bit chilly – plus chilli in her chocolate (I think I need a lie down, I’m morphing into Dad jokes..)

Sticky Toffee Jo – Jo had the audacity to be ill last month, not this month! This month she will be here in full force wielding her teaspoon of sticky delights

Cheese is Grate – cheese is fabulous on cold nights, that savoury hit with a touch of ginger or cranberries coming in behind. Full range of truckle cheeses available.

I Knead Pizza – hotfood this month is round in shape, red in colour and covered in cheese. You may have heard of it before – pizza, a fine Italian invention if ever there was

Webb’s Beef – freshly butchered chicken, bacon, burgers – come quickly, they sell out!

Hayley’s Cakesquite literally freshly baked, buttercream applied just before arrival – a range of cakes including Autumn / bonfire favourites

The French Corner – fresh baked bread and pastries


Art & Craft

Catfish Kids – children’s toys are back, Christmas ideas and stocking fillers!

Only 3 Colours – fresh from their stall ‘The Glass Umbrella’ in Stockport market, original artwork and Christmas decorations, all handmade

Kate O’Brien – also fresh from The Glass Umbrella. Watercolour originals and prints of local architecture and places

Yanthia Art – facepainting by Noellia, choose your design and see it come to fruition on your cheek! Also hand made bunting, available to order – look up and you will see her bunting all over the gazebos:)

Glynn Rowan Scott – artist using recycled glass to create objets d’art. Creative, beautiful and interesting pieces

What Katy Did – hand picked and personally designed silver jewellery beautifully presented. Will make gorgeous gifts.

Scents and Solace – soy candles and room diffusers. Packaged to make a beautiful gift.

Kitsch Republic – hand made coasters, chopping boards, light shades – amazing and quirky designs

Celia Hume Illustrations – artist Celia with her range of bags, mugs & cards. But never forgetting her beautiful prints and original artworks

H & C Horticulture – plants, hanging baskets, shrubs – all seasonal and a wealth of knowledge behind every sale, taking Christmas tree bookings

Heathers Cards – Flamingo Paperie is in full Christmas regalia, get your Advent Calendars here!





As the temperature plummets towards Autumn, we turn our attention to mists and mellow fruitfulness….. Here at Market HQ, that could be fog creeping up Shaw rd and the windfalls on my lawn getting overripe….

Our Traders however embrace the seasons with warming pies, beautiful autumnal crafts and already having an eye upon Christmas. Plus getting out the thermals, shaking out the scarves and emptying the cupboard to find the gloves that prevent frostbite. The market is coming! Sunday Oct 7th 11-3pm Shaw rd!!

And so to our misty and mellow traders:


Artisam – chips cooked in truffle oil, OMG, chips cooked in truffle oil – plus home made soup and arancini

Alam’s – South Asian street food, just gorgeous. Also ask Adil about his cookery classes, whip up your own Alam’s banquet!

Green Farm Olives – seriously, if you like olives and fresh, creamy feta – just follow the aromas through that Shaw rd fog to this stall

Cheshire Bakehouse – you think you know the cut and jib of a sausage roll? Come and meet the 2018 pastry roll and change your thinking!

The Marmalady – if any stall personifies putting on your favourite socks and sitting by the fire, it is Lyn’s home baked goodies and hand made preserves

Greek Oil Direct – do you remember that lovely summer holiday? Remember sandals? Shorts? Inhale this olive oil and you will be back wafting through Greek alleyways in flimsy garments all over again….

Fozzbees – spare a thought for bees when it gets chilly, it all goes a bit quiet on the bee front. Good job master bee keeper Chris has his honey stocks lined up for our delectation

The Corsican Kitchen – talking of wafting around Greece, who went cruising around Corsica? (See that, that is a bonafide link, right there) Marie rustles up a different Corsican treat every market

Mafeking Biltong – proper cowboy food from the lands of South Africa, biltong and dried sausages in Heaton Moor via Macclesfield….

All About Pies – when I go to sleep, I just dream. When John goes to sleep he dreams of pies and new recipes. He wakes with a jolt, grabs his pen and paper and you eat the results! I am seriously not joking, this man loves his pies!

Saddleworth Tea – did you know there is plastic in tea bags? Who knew that was a thing? Not in Saddleworth loose tea – you get tea, just tea in your tea. If you see what I mean….

Nana Carter – one day we all need to book into Sharon’s kitchen on preparation day, the smells and tastes coming out of that kitchen distilled into small jars of lusciousness – it’s just ridiculous

Heart & Graft – talking of divine aroma, is there a more evocative smell than that of fresh ground coffee? Come to James’ stall and I will be resting my case

FatJax – Paul once told me that to make his hot chilli chutneys he has to wear a full face / gas mask. All for us – the dedication of Heaton moor traders – it’s humbling:)

Say When – Our wine and beer connoiseurs bringing us hand picked and sourced wines from sunnier climes

The Brownie Owl – Lucie makes brownies, richer, deeper and more delicious brownies than I have ever tasted anywhere else

Haycroft Meadow – whilst I am having a jolly time writing this, spare a thought for Ray. Up to his elbows in sausagemeat and spices, just for us – and we appreciate it deeply:)

Cocoanut Grove – someone who is happy when the shadows lengthen is our resident chocolatier. She loves an ambient temperature, none of that sunshine and golden rays melting her hard work, thankyou very much!

Jo’s Sticky Toffee Pudding – dates, toffee, sponge. Really truly, there is no need to say anything else, very, very nice.

Cheese is Grate – a pun a day, always good for the soul. Creamy hard cheeses and delicate soft cheeses – tasty and increases your calcium intake. Here at HM market we care about your bones

The Coffee Bean Dream – Sarah joins us this month with her mobile coffee shop, fantastic fresh, hot coffee and tea available on site

Webbs Beef – not just beef, they also have a fine range of chicken and other meats. Fresh, provenanced, local – a fine butchers coming to you every month!

SubUrban – filled subs (no, not Russian underwater ones) light, fluffy, bread ones – they went down a storm last time, so extra stock being brought in this month:)

Hayley’s Cakes – Hayley’s cakes are just ridiculously nice. Have you tried her Carrot cake? Her Portuguese egg Tarts? I will say no more, just leave you salivating – that’s a rather unctuous word, salivating….

The French Corner – Sans doute, les meilleures viennoiseries et le meilleur pain du monde entier!

Deli on the Market – exactly what it says on the tin – or market stall…


Has Christmas started to infiltrate your thinking yet? We can help with that affliction:

Celia Hume Illustrations – paintings, bags, mugs, all designs from the hands of Celia

Only 3 Colours – fresh from their Glass Umbrella market stall in the covered market in Stockport and flushed with success comes the rather wonderful Only 3 Colours artworks

Kate O’Brien Art – along with Only 3 Colours fresh from Stockport and reviving Old Stockport comes Kate and her beautiful watercolours

RSPB – spare a thought for our feathered friends, it’s getting chilly out there! Find out how you can make their life a bit easier

Jewellsy – a full range of jewellery plus key rings, glass charms all hand made and many original resin designs, each one an original

Roots – vegan skincare √ organic √ handmade √ All of the above and explains the returning customers:)

H & C Horticulture – Book your (look away now) Christmas tree. But for now, treat yourself to some greenery for your house or garden

Ben Sedman – bees might be getting chilly in real life, but immortalised in Ben’s art!

Kitsch Republic – would you like your house to have accents of beauty and wit. Who wouldn’t? It can be yours – come and see the fab Kitsch designs:)

Scents and Solace – not your average candle, no this is a Scents and Solace candle – wood wicks (trying saying that after a drink…) and made with soy wax. Only the best for the good people of the 4 Heatons

What Katy Did – well, what she did was go out and find beautiful silver things of beauty, put them together, display them artfully and voila – a stylish stall of intricate silver

Glynn Rowan Scott – you know that over worked word, quirky? It finds its natural habitat here – fabulous reworked glass

Yanthia Art – no 1st Sunday of the month is complete without an intricate artwork on your visage. Noellia’s tiger face paints are just amazing and my grandaughter literally would not wash her face for 3 days when she had a butterfly painted on her cheek!

Flamingo Paperie – full on Christmas here, Advents, charity Christmas cards, beautiful designs, created and printed in Britain.




HEATON MERSEY ARTISAN MARKET Sat Sept 22nd 2018 11-3pm Heaton Mersey

We are upping our tent pegs, regrouping our gazebos and having a day out to Heaton Mersey this Saturday 22nd Sept!

You will find us in front of the beautiful St John’s Church on Didsbury rd between 11-3pm – full address St John the Baptist, 8 St John’s rd, Heaton Mersey, Stockport SK4 3BR

There will be lots of traders along with Back’s Deli providing a BBQ, a Scarecrow Competition (including the market’s very own), MacMillan Coffee and facepainting by Noellia inside the church plus a local history display and info about local organisations and charities.

Come and join us and if you would like to enter the scarecrow competition – let me know!

Our Heaton Mersey Merchants are:

Back’s Deli – James is on form with his sausages and burgers

The Jay Curry Company – Sri Lankan curry pastes and sambols

H & C Horticulture – plants, shrubs and small trees with full horticultural know how

All About Pies – very popular pies with amazing combinations plus old favourites

Stockport Chiropractic Clinic – have a 5000 mile service while you are here:)

Rosia Bakery – delightful cupcakes and layer cakes

Scents and Solace – hand made, beautifully fragranced soy candles

Alam’s – south asian street food at its best

Berlin Bespoke – personalised artwork for all occasions

Cheese is Grate – truckle cheeses of many varieties

Ben Sedman Artworks – Ben Sedman prints and originals

Sticky Toffee Jo – if you are a connoisseur, you need to try these!

Roots – vegan, cruelty free, organic skin care

Webb’s Beef – locally raised and provenanced meats

Glynn Rowan Scott – recylced glass recreated into new forms

Nana Carter – piccalilli’s, jams and chutneys – yummy!

Green Farm Olives – olives, creamy feta, sun dried tomatoes, fresh baklava..

Flamingo Paperie – greeting cards, wrap and Xmas is coming….

Fundamentally UK – hand made sauces bottled and ready to go

Black Dog Pottery – would you like a beautiful plant pot for your new plant you’ve just bought? Hand made, original designs pottery

The Spice Yard – spice mixes, all personally sourced, mixed and packaged in the Heatons

All About Mee – clothing and accessories

The Cheshire Bakehouse – savoury rolls with a twist

Extreme Coffee – barista coffee and tea to go

Real Gem Designs – stone jewellery and gifts, mixed media plaques and decorated books

See you on Saturday!




The Summer hols are having their last gasp and school is on the doorstep. Universities are levering the doors back open, student landlords are rubbing their hands together and IKEA is mobbed out with parents explaining what a fish slice is…. But before all that, the market is here! Spreading cheer, chat, conviviality and convenient, local shopping (see you can tell I went to school – alliteration at this time in the morning) Our excellent line-up of Traders are circling the day in red and they are:


Mafeking Biltong – bringing South Africa to the Heatons, via Macclesfield…

Alam’s – South Asian specialities, mouthwatering!

Deli on the Market – all your deli favourites, hand made and hand produced

The French Corner – fresh bread and fresh pastries piled high!

Hayley’s Cakes – I will race you to a slice of Hayley’s carrot cake:)

Webb’s Beef – hand reared, locally bred meat

I Knead Pizza – hotfood this month comes from the fair hands of Paul and his team

B’Spoke Coffee – at your service with fresh coffee and tea

Cheese is Grate – get your truckles here:)

Sticky Toffee Jo – I tried to make my own on Sunday….back to buying Jo’s by popular family demand!

Cocoanut Grove – excellently tempered chocolate and Jayne is always very pleasant too

Haycroft Meadow – vegetarians look away, top class burgers and sausages available

The Brownie Owl – on a strict diet? Best walk on by…

Say When – would you like a fabulous bottle of personally chosen wine with your lunch? You have come to the right place!

FatJax – sample Paul’s chutneys and you will be hooked

Heart & Graft very pleased to announce, James is back!

The Spice Yard – spice mixes all hand sourced, mixed and packaged in Heaton Moor

Corsican Kitchenette – there’s a new recipe every month from Marie’s kitchen, I can’t wait:)

The Marmalady – hand made jams, tarts, loaf cakes and cards. I have reason to believe the cards are inedible…

Greek Oils Direct – have your tried the olive oil yet? You are in for a treat

Fundamentally Yours – hand made curry sauces from personal recipes

All About Pies – the combos and flavours John packs into a pie is just extraordinary

Bit of a Fudge – if you like fudge…you’ll love Helen’s!

Nonna Teresa – fresh homemade raviolis and pasta sauces

FozzBees – honey produced by Chris’s bees and the bees will be there to prove it

Klass Kitchen – a very welcome return to macaroons at the market:)

Artisam – hot arancini rice balls and cold home made ice cream on offer

Saddleworth Tea – all your favourite teas residing under one gazebo



Jewellsy – hand made jewellery and comission jewellery available too

Ben Sedman Prints – local scenes and iconic bee prints

H & C Horticulture – a real splash of colour every market with flowers, shrubs and herbs greeting your eyes at the top of Shaw rd

Scents and Solace – fragrant, soy candles beautifully packaged

YPhotography – collated, themed amazing photos from the lens of Keith

Kate O’Brien Art – vibrant watercolours of local buildings and places

Yanthia Art – facepainting by Noellia

What Katy Did – hand picked silver jewellery pieces

Glynn Rowan Scott – recycled glass shaped into beauty

Celia Hume Illustrations – prints, bags,mugs all with Celia’s gorgeous designs

Only 3 Colours – bright, swirling abstract artworks, all originals

Heather’s Cards – Flamingo Paperie cards and wrap


Summer Market on August 5th 11-3pm

Whilst we have been sunbathing / melting / expiring at our desks these past few weeks our traders have been wielding paintbrushes, herding bees, donning facemasks to create spicy chutneys and poring over recipes. All to pile it into all their cars (or in a suitcase on the bus for Stacy) for us to peruse, sample and purchase on Sunday – I like this system:)

So get your tastebuds at the ready, your critical artists gaze prepped and your children’s cheeks scrubbed ready for some facepaint and come along! 11-3pm we’ll be there:)

Stacy’s Boutique is having a sale – everything reduced – jewellry, pictures, handmade girls dresses – Stacy is off to new climes and new adventures.

The Heatons are committed to being as plastic free as we can muster and the market is all over it, lots of our Traders are using compostable plastics and coffee cups – just ask!


All About Pies – new recipes every month plus the firm favourites

SubUrban – American style hot sub sandwiches

The French Corner – all your fresh bread needs fulfilled on one stall

Hayley’s Cakes – mouthwatering layer cakes and tray bakes

The Cheshire Bakehouse – pastry rolls with a twist filled with locally sourced meat & veg

Webb’s Beef – fresh meat from their own farm

B’Spoke Coffee – not just coffee on the go this month, Kauri Spiced Almonds and Heart & Graft coffee bags too

Cheese is Grate – wheels within wheels of different cheeses….

Jo’ Sticky Toffee Pudding – this takes my sugar addiction into overdrive

Cocoanut Grove – and don’t even mention the sea salt milk chocolate made by Jayne!

Haycroft Meadow – still got the BBQ on the go? You’ll be needing Haycroft Meadow!

The Brownie Owl – how to describe the best brownies I have ever tasted?

Say When – personally chosen wines and beers – with samples:)

FatJax – this is the man donning his facemask for our delectation!

Nana Carter – no facemasks needed for handmade jams and pickles

Saddleworth Tea – would you like Earl Grey, Lemongrass, Mint today?

Fundamentally UK – new to our market, homemade curry pastes – wonder if Chantal dons the facemasks too?

Green Farm Olives – lots more than olives, feta, dolmades, baklava….

Nonna Teresa – handmade raviolis and pasta sauces by Lucio

Alam’s – curry buns, wraps, samosas, bhajis perfected by Adil

The Marmalady – bakes, jams, cards all handmade by Lyn

The Corsican Kitchenette – recipes straight from that beautiful island

Bit of a Fudge – classic, lemon, chocolate, rum and raisin. So many different fudges!

Greek Oil Direct – amazing olive oil personally sourced

FozzBees – the bees are a buzzing and their hard work is available to buy, different flavours of honey to choose from

The Spice Yard – freshly ground spices and spice blends


We have an Artists Corner this month where you will find:

YPhotography – breathtaking photos from the eye of Keith

Kate O’Brien – stunning, local watercolours

Only 3 Colours – it is truly amazing the creativity produced from just 3 colours

Ben Sedman – iconic Manchester prints

Kitsch Republic – artwork on coasters, lampshades, mugs in Kitsch’s impeccable style

Stacy’s Boutique – Sale Time!

RSPB – the national advocates for our feathered friends are joining us again this month

Jewellsy – a range of quirky, hand made jewellry

What Katy Did – hand chosen and created silver jewellery

HAC Horticulture – plants, hanging baskets – blooming lovely

Scents and Solace – if you are looking for a beautiful present, please let me recommend a candle from Victoria

Yanthia Art –  fun and fabulous facepainting

Glynn Rowan Scott – recycled glass refashioned into fresh beauty

Flamingo Paperie – greeting cards drawn, printed and produced in the UK





Phew, what a scorcher, I hear you cry! Don’t forget your suncream on Sunday for the market! Our chocolatier Jayne has decided to throw in the towel of melted chocolate just for this month and is going on holiday – however if you need a chocolate fix, let me know and I can put you in direct contact with her.

We have Creation Station joining us again this month with free kids activities and alongside her will be face painting and a glitter tattooist (not free, but very reasonable and who doesn’t want a glitter tattoo?)

Should be another great market – see you there, 11-3pm!


All @ Glitters – glitter tattooist and facepainter extraordinaire

Creation Station – Jann providing free kids craft activities

All About Mee – clothing and accessories

Kate O’Brien Art – vibrant ink & watercolour art

Only 3 Colours – are back with their popular artworks!

H & C Horticulture – bedding plants, hanging baskets, liberate your green fingers

Kitsch Republic – bespoke, quirky, hand made interior accessories

Glynn Rowan Scott – handmade recycled glass

Scents & Solace – handmade soy candles and room diffusers

Celia Hume Illustrations – hand produced artwork in frames, on cards, bags & mugs

Catfish Kids – our very own toyshop on the market

What Katy Did – collection of bespoke silver jewellery

Flamingo Paperie – greeting cards & wrap



Klass Kitchen – handmade french sweet macarons

Fozzbees – local honey with actual bees as Special Guests

Nina Saparia – local business selling spices of all flavours and hues

The French Corner – breakfast pastries, baguettes and fresh loaves

Hayley’s Cakes – indulge your sweet tooth!

Webb’s Beef – locally bred and dressed meat

I Knead Pizza – fresh, hot pizzas direct from the pizza oven

B’Spoke Coffee – freshly brewed hot tea and coffee from our resident baristas

Cheese is Grate – truckle and wheel cheeses fragrant and tasty

Jo’s Sticky Toffee Pudding – just the best sticky toffee pudding

Haycroft Meadow – hand produced sausages, burgers and joints

The Brownie Owl – hit the sweet spot!

FatJax – handmade chutneys, relishes, chilli jams…

Heart & Graft – locally roasted coffee by the bag or hot from B’Spoke

Nana Carter – family recipes of preserves and condiments

Saddleworth Tea – large selection of loose leaf teas

Cheshire Bakehouse – joining us again with their savoury pastry rolls

All About Pies – come early for your Fidgets and Homity Pies!

Alam’s – beautifully flavoured samosas, pakoras, bhaji’s. Curry in a bun and wraps

Nonna Teresa – Lucio’s handmade ravioli and pasta sauces

Marmalady – home kitchen produced bakes and jams

Say When – hand picked and sourced wines and beers to buy by the bottle

Artisam – arancini rice balls, but best of all on a hot day – handmade ice-cream!!

Corsican Kitchenette – handmade corsican biscuits and doughnuts

Greek Oil Direct – personally sourced olive oils, fabulous flavours

Mafeking Biltong – fresh, handmade biltong and spiced sausages

Green Farm Olives – creamy feta, olives and baklava

Deli on the Market – wide choice of local deli products







Can’t wait! The sun is out and our monthly market is approaching. This month we have free Childrens activities provided by Jann from Creation Station, facepaints by the talented Noellia, the RSPB are with us, plus home made delicious ice cream by Artisam and so many other talented Traders! Read on McDuff:)


Rosia Bakery – Hayley our Resident baker is unable to come this month, so Paula and her beautiful cakes and cupcakes has stepped into the breach!

Marmalady – welcome back Lyn! Home bakes and preserves from Lyn’s kitchen

The French Corner – freshly baked breads, baguettes and viennoiseries

Nyama Choma – hot kenyan street food, bbq’d skewers

Webb’s Beef – hugely popular fresh meat, locally provenanced

B’Spoke Coffee – tea and coffee made to order with Heart & Graft beans

Cheese is Grate – waxed hard cheeses bursting with flavour

Jo’s Sticky Toffee Pudding – the 100% reliable excellent handmade sticky toffee pudding

Cocoanut Grove – hiding in the shade, our very chocolatier, Jayne!

Haycroft Meadow  – perennially popular handmade burgers and sausages

The Brownie Owl – the earth is back on its axis, Brownie Owl are back!

Kauri Fine Foods – award winning homemade fresh bakes, plus my fave chilli almonds

Heart & Graft – fresh, hand roasted coffee beans, ground to your taste

Saddleworth Tea – worried about plastic in your tea bags? Come and buy your loose tea here from Angela.

Bit of a Fudge – if you missed your fudge ‘hit’ last month, don’t worry, Helen is back:)

Say When – personally sourced and recommended wines and beers

Nonna Teresa – Italy in Heaton Moor, handmade ravioli and sauces

Artisam – handmade ice cream and delicious fresh arancini

Greek Oil Direct – flavoured olive oils from delicate to robust

All About Pies – come early, they sell out quickly!

Alam’s – Adil’s freshly made samosas, bhajis and wraps

Green Farm Olives – creamy feta, plump olives, fragrant baklava

Deli on the Market – mediterranean inspired deli products

Mafeking Biltong – handmade biltong and dried sausage

Corsican Kitchenette – freshly made fritelli with homemade ricotta and homemade biscuits

Fozzbees – local honey of different strengths and depths of flavour, plus beeswax candles and polish


Glynn Rowan Scott – hand designed and created recycled glassworks

Roots – vegan, cruelty free, handmade, organic skincare

Jewellsy – quirky, handmade jewellery

Kate O’Brien – watercolours of favourite local haunts

H & C Horticulture – shrubs, flowers, hanging baskets – get those greenfingers into action!

Kitsch Republic – taking time out from their pop up shop in House of Fraser to be with us:)

Stacy’s Boutique – individual, handmade jewellery pieces, childrens bracelets, dresses and button pictures

Scents & Solace – beautifully fragranced and packaged candles and room diffusers

RSPB – information on all aspects of the RSPB and birdhouses to buy

Creation Station – free childrens activities all day!!

Celia Hume Illustrations – delightful paintings, hand designed mugs and bags

Yanthia Art – facepaints of artistry

Ben Sedman – original photographic artworks

Flamingo Paperie – UK designed & produced cards & stationery