What you can find at The Market: 2. More quality, locally produced food

Continuing with a look at what locally produced food you will find at our monthly market, here are a few more of our foodies:


6. Pate & Wine Co

Based in Cheshire, The Pate & Wine Co bring delicious homemade Pate to our market each month, including varieties such as Luxurious Duck Parfait, Spicy Red Lentil and Smoked Trout. Look out for their Special Varieties each month and try a sample or two (also love their lasered slate displays!)

Pate & Wine Co
Pate & Wine Co

Pate & Wine Co







7. Coffee Circle

Now, this is a stall which certainly draws people in – the smell of freshly roasted coffee being ground by James, our coffee expert!  James hand roasts a variety of coffee beans, bringing them to the market for you to buy to make your own fresh coffee at home – available as either whole beans or ground according to your type of coffee maker.

Hand Roasted Coffee
Hand Roasted Coffee









8. The Blue Agarve Co

The Blue Agarve stall offers something completely different to our market – a natural sweetening ingredient to sugar. Made from The Blue Agarve Plant in Mexico, this natural sweetener is available in a variety of naturally flavoured syrups for cooking & baking, and it can be added to drinks.  The other good part about this product, it is suitable for diabetics.




9. Some Like It Hot

The “Some Like It Hot” stall is one of those that really fascinates, with the range & variety of dried chillies, smoked garlic, salsas, oils and hot sauce. It is a great opportunity to try something different and talk to Andrew & Philippa about their products and ways to cook with them. I always love the way this stall is set out and it’s wonderful to have such a range of products available at the market.

Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot









10. The Moocher

The Moocher is a relatively new stall at our market but they have proved very popular with their wonderful and unusual range of products – anyone who has been to the market recently will have seen their proper Pork Scratchings, handmade Sausage Rolls & Scotch Eggs and Potted Meats. Well worth a try.

The Moocher BBJTG_MCIAEk6Xn








11. Manchester Cheesecakes

Another relatively new stall at the market, and a very welcome one with our customers! Baked Cheesecakes in a wide range of flavours and sizes – I have tried one and they are delicious! The Cheesecake scan be ordered directly from Manchester Cheesecake if you need one in-between markets, and they can even make them for weddings!



Manchester Cheesecake Co
Manchester Cheesecake Co


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