What you can find at the market: 1. Quality, locally produced food.

For those who have yet to attend one of our monthly markets, or for those that have not had chance to pop over for a while, I thought I would give you an idea of the range & quality of products that are available at Heaton Moor Producers Market each month….


1. The Green Hut Bakery

Paul had been a loyal stall holder at our market for the past 2 years.  He travels from Halifax to bring his ever expanding range of freshly baked bread to our market each month. Paul makes & bakes all the bread himself (as well as having made his own brick oven!) and by the time he reaches our market around 9am, Paul is ready for his lunch as he has been up & baking bread since the early hours of the morning!

Green Hut Bakery

Green Hut Bakery
Green Hut Bakery








2. Mininki’s Kitchen

What is great about the market is that it is an opportunity to buy fresh food, but also try something completely new.  Mininki’s offers all of this with their freshly made Pestos (basil, coriander or sun-dried tomato), Savoury gloops (sweet chilli 0r balsamic vinegar & onion), Turkish Bread & Crostini, and Dukkahs (Egyptian nut dip!).  Tracey (originally from New Zealand) also makes the most wonderful zesty shortbread!

Mininki's - Fresh Pesto, Dukkah & Turkish Bread
Mininki’s – Fresh Pesto, Dukkah & Turkish Bread

Mininki's Kitchen








3. Haycroft Meadow

We were very fortunate to be contacted by a local sausage maker who has now been part of our market for the past 2 years and is always a popular stall (as are their samples!).  Ray makes all the sausages, burgers & meatballs, with different varieties available each month, including Pork or Cumberland Sausages, Venison burgers and Spicy Mutton Meatballs.

Haycroft Meadow - Sausages & Burgers
Haycroft Meadow – Sausages & Burgers




4. All About Pies

When All About Pies first came to our market in early 2012, Caroline tells me they quickly sold out of pies. Caroline has told me that, each month, they bring more due to demand, yet they still have none left at the end of the day! And it’s no wonder with the variety of beautifully handmade pies that they offer – new varieties are often added each month, such as Wild Mountain Goat!

All About Pies - Hand Raised Pies
All About Pies – Hand Raised Pies










5. FatJax

We couldn’t have a market without a Chutney stall, and FatJax fits in perfectly with our market.  Paul is another stallholder that travels a bit further than some to be at our market each month – he is based in Preston, but we are very grateful that he is a part of our market and makes such wonderful chutneys & relishes as English Orchard Chutney, Mediterranean Relish, Sweet Red Onion & Chili Relish and the popular Bengali Pineapple Chutney (even has it’s own separate Twitter account!).

FatJax - Chutneys & Relishes
FatJax – Chutneys & Relishes


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