Next Market March 6th 10.30 – 2.30pm

Imagine next Sunday March 6th to be a beautiful early spring day…there is no wind, no rain (I can dream!) and I have 2 very large shopping bags that can fit 51 items in. This is my personal shopping bag / Heaton Moor market supermarket sweep daydream…

I would choose a plant from my favourite pie from to go alongside samosas from and fat olives from

I need a present for my friend. I should find something beautiful here or maybe a candle or a cushion or commision a painting!

My stomach is rumbling and more specifically rumbling for cake and dessert – yum! & & and or

OK, focus…I need cheese and chutney and fresh bread with some zhoug to heat things up and hot sauce to accompany my scotch egg

Making excellent progress here. What next? Drinks! Start with a barista coffee to fortify me on my shopping spree with loose tea to take home and a bag of coffee beans But we’ll need a nice bottle of Italian wine for later with a gin and tonic for an aperitif (obvs!)

Talk of wine has put me in mind of sorting out my evening meal, next stop and for meat, for olive oil and home grown mushrooms. Then on to peruse a choice of sauce from

My nephew’s birthday is on the horizon, I’m sure to find something with or maybe from along with a handmade toy and a card from

Never forgetting to treat myself! maybe signing up for one of her courses and talking of courses, I love pasta…

I lost one of my favourite earrings the other day, therefore essential shopping is buying a replacement pair because, well, just because… and Oooh just noticed handmade notebooks and a bag for my sister

My bags are getting heavy now, shopping is not for the fainthearted! It’s a good bicep workout carrying shopping and to prove it I shall buy a granite set of coasters from then gently nudge a handpainted bottle in next to them from Mary at Daisy Designs and in a seperate bag, as I cannot resist, a print from

Quick stop and sniff at for a new shampoo bar and it is most definitely time for an ice-cream where the hardest decision is ‘which flavour?’

Last but not least, time for a sit down and bite to eat. Now then… or truffle fries from or maybe both? Or pizza

Time to retreat, eat, have a cup of tea and admire my purchases in the gardens of where they offer ‘Tea in the Garden’ or go and admire the amazing array of dogs meandering through Which reminds me, I need a new dog lead, good job are at the market and I could treat him to a pup cake (my dog is 15…), I think I need to go back…..and wait a minute, I think I missed supporting the table raising money for The Scouts Jamboree. That’s it then, I definitely need to go back and there may be more than 51 items in these bags…..

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